Alabama Legislative Committees

Alabama   Legislative Committees


There are 11 joint committees of the Alabama State Legislature.

The Alabama Senate has 19 standing committees. The Alabama House has 33 standing committees.

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Joint Committees

Advanced Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Task Force
Alabama Georgia Joint Interim Legislative Committee
Alabama Judicial System Study Commission
Alabama Oil and Gas Study Committee
Alabama Research and Development Enhancement Oversight Committee
Alabama Rural Broadband Oversight Committee
Children First Trust Fund Legislative Oversight Committee
Committee On Compensation For Wrongful Incarceration
Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee
Historical Records Advisory Board Legislative Oversight Committee
Housing Finance Authority Legislative Oversight Committee
Information Technology Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee
Joint Interim Committee On County Government
Joint Legislative Advisory Committee on Community Service Grants
Joint Legislative Committee On Homeland Security Oversight
Joint Legislative Committee On State Parks
Joint Legislative Committee To Award The Legislative Medal of Honor For Law Enforcement Officers
Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate Confidentiality Issues Involving Complaints Filed with the State Ethics Commission
Joint Legislative Committee to Study Self-Driving Vehicles
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee of Children in State Care
Joint Legislative Prison Committee
Joint Legislative Task Force on Budget Reform
Joint Legislative Task Force on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Joint Transportation Committee
Judicial Building Authority Legislative Oversight Committee
Legislative Committee On Public Accounts
Legislative Oversight Commission on Workforce Development Division
License Plates Legislative Oversight Committee
Medicaid Joint Interim Committee
Municipal Government Committee of the Legislature
Nuclear Energy Activities and Hazardous Chemical Toxic Waste Oversight Committee
Permanent Joint Legislative Advisory Committee on Economic Incentives
Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy
Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Finances and Budget
Permanent Legislative Committee On Reapportionment
Sunset Committee
Water Policy And Management Joint Legislative Committee

Senate Committees

House Committees


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